About Stoodin - A 100% Free Herpes Dating Site

Hello to all our Fellow SWS’s (Singles-with-Situations)!

About Stoodin

Stoodin is a 100% free and new but fast-growing online dating website for people with herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2 and other herpes) only, to seek love, friendship, support and dates. It was established in the December of 2015.

Unlike other free dating websites, Stoodin is well designed and well promoted, any profile need to be approved by administrator before it is active. We will try our best to keep scammer and spammer from this 100% free and warm-heated community.

Our Dating Mission

Stoodin offers a safe, healthy, caring and vibrant network of available, healthy and enthusiastic singles searching for the unique support, friendship and love that we all deserve in a environment that’s totally free from discriminatory judgment and social stigma. We understand that the dating game can be tough so we want to insure that we make your ride just a little bit easier!

We Care About Our Community

We here at Stoodin understand the everyday dilemma of your very special dating environment and the sometimes harsh realities that involve herpes and those millions of people who are afflicted by this unfortunately all-too-common virus worldwide. That’s why we created this free herpes dating site and that’s why we’re inviting all the available singles in our community to come and check us out!

And before you do, we’d like to ask you a few simple questions before we can all move forward confidently into our Brave New Dating World-

  • Is it time for you to re-enter the overcrowded dating world without fear of feeling overwhelmed by any potentially embarrassing 1st Date (or 3rd Date) conversations or confessions?
  • Are you ready to join a judgment-free, health-conscious dating environment that’s filled with open, honest, caring and like-minded, available singles just like Y-O-U?
  • Are you prepared to meet, mix and/or mingle with thousands of attractive, available, informed, intelligent and eager singles who completely understand your not-so-unique health situation?
  • Are you ready to laugh together and finally feel free to openly explore a safe online network of relationships once again?

If you answered an enthusiastic “YES” to any of these questions then please feel free to come join our generous community of knowledgeable, ready, willing and able singles… who are definitely ready to mingle!

Stoodin offers everyone in our HSV-1/HSV-2 community:

  • An easy, convenient and FREE sign-up process for our wide range of services
  • A refreshing opportunity to meet and interact with thousands of other SWS’s just like You.
  • Engaging community forums where we can all share information and discuss our special issues, both large and small.
  • An open blog where we can focus on some of our community’s most vital health issues of the Day (or just share a laugh).
  • A State-of-the-Art Matching Algorithm that can find the very best Match for You!
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